Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Supervoksen (Triple Dare)

Released with great commercial success in Denmark, it achieved the highest attendance record for this genre -even higher than the teen flick Superman Returns- (I had to write this!).

So it is no surprise that this first full-length film by Christina Rosendahl won the Robert (Danish awards) for Best Children/Family Film and had two more nominations for best cinematography and best make-up.

What is not to like if a film has three cute female teens? Yes, is a nice-to-watch movie with some extras. Cinematography is quite interesting and the visual effects greatly improve the dramatics of the moment. Those leaves surely represent the autumn of their childhood!

The story is the same as many other movies, teens rushing into adulthood. But, it seemed that this story was more a satire of all the traits and tribulations teens go through, especially at that limbo age, when they are no longer kids and yet, they are no adults.

Well, I am a sucker for most teen themed movies with females in the lead and of course, I liked this is one. Shame that is mostly distributed in Europe, so not many people will be able to watch this smart satire.

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