Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Paris, Je t'aime

My first reaction was too many stories!!! By the time I watched the last story, I could not remember most of the other stories.

I like French movies … no, I LOVE French movies. But, this is no French movie, is more an international director’s ensemble piece. There are 17 love stories from the city of love, Paris. There are 17+ directors involved in this Emmanuel Benbihy and Matthias Batthyany production. Yes, is a collection of shorts about one theme set in one city.

Seventeen story names are hard to remember and even after reading the reviews from the usual sites, I am not able to truly identify the names of each story, the director/s and even the actors related to each story. And this troubles me. I know, I have to watch it again, to be able to identify everything!!!

If you can understand French, the best site to read about this movie is allocine. There you can find very interesting facts, like the challenge each director had to face when doing their short, the limited budget and production constrains of the project, which was a challenge for all directors and many other interesting details.

Spontaneously, I have a favorite story and is in a genre and subject matter I do not particularly like, vampires! It took me a long time, but finally I was able to identify the name and who directed! Quartier de la Madeleine by Vicenzo Natali and his idea is an homage to Wes Craven, who appears in the short. This short make me laugh real hard, it is so funny.

Nevertheless, it is an interesting idea and the best collection of shorts I have ever seen, especially because they truly have a relation and the transitions gave the feeling of watching a movie and not short after short after short. But this comment is about the technical side of this film, not about its content.

I will watch it again and I am sure I will enjoyed more than the first time.

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