Thursday, March 01, 2007

Les Voleurs (Thieves)

This 1996 André Téchiné film tells the story of a lonely cop (Daniel Auteuil) and a philosophy professor (Catherine Deneuve) that are in love with a young woman (Laurence Cote). It is a crime/drama/romance genre that is quite entertaining and rapidly grabs you into the story.

Catherine Denevue is just splendid and gives a fine performance as Marie. Then, I always enjoy very much Auteuil performances and this dry/inexpressive performance is no exception. Cote, here almost ten years younger than in Oublier Cheyenne, gives an impressive performance that goes from total elegance, to punk rock, to street smart thief and does it flawless and totally believably.

Téchiné is claimed to be a good crime filmaker and even if there is romance here, is mainly a crime story that emotionally involves the three main characters and yes, it involves you as the story develops.

A film to enjoy, even when you are like me, that do not particularly like crime films.

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