Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Last King of Scotland

After reading the usual sites for critics and users comments, I realized that most people comment about Forest Whitaker performance and less about the movie. Yes, his performance deserves all the recognition he is getting and more honors will come his way. His performance is truly brilliant. For moments he makes us like and enjoy Ibi Amin, until the we realize how brutal this man was and Forrest Whitaker rides smoothly from one extreme to the other as we follow him with our brain and heart totally submerged into this, for many, terrifying story.

The movie is based on a novel, so is no biopic and I say thanks for that as they could have shown more terrible scenes, two horrifying scenes are more than enough for me.

I live in a country full of military coups, a few dictators and less democratic governments. So, torture, death, fears, and horrifying events became “part of my life” since a very long time ago. This story could be the story of so many countries allover the world, including mine. This is why maybe the story in this movie did not seem to me that terrible (ouch!). My skin depth tolerates my reality.

This story made me laugh and make me feel emotions so close to home that it became disturbing, especially when the story changes mood and Ibi Amin becomes his probably real self. But I am glad that some people are starting to tell this type of stories, it was about time.

Not an easy to watch movie, but Forrest Whitaker performance is one not to miss because of a so real story.

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