Monday, February 19, 2007

Efter Brylluppet (After The Wedding)

This Danish film is nominated for best foreign film at the Oscar’s along with Pan’s Labyrinth, The Life of Others, Water and Days of Glory. After watching it, I cannot figure out why this film is along such good films. Water has a strong story with great cinematography; Pan’s and The Life of Others are truly amazing, this film is not.

The story is about a man’s past that catches up with him at present time; but it is also about a good man that tries and succeeds to fix the future of his family before dying. Two very different men with their lives intrinsically entwined. And then is also about manipulation. The good man is very rich and used to get whatever he wants.

The story is too melodramatic for my taste and reminds me of soap opera’s, that I definitively do not appreciate and like. So, there is no good news for me about the story.

As a movie is slow and you keep wondering when the plot is going to develop; nevertheless, it has very interesting camera angles, nice scenery and actors performances are quite good.

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