Wednesday, February 21, 2007

10 Items or Less

A light-hearted, feel-good independent film that you can enjoy only if you are a true fanatic of independent movies. Has some funny moments and the story is a fantasy, a well-known actor spends a day with a common person. Yeah like that could happen.

Morgan Freeman is an excellent actor and without him this movie will probably not work, his presence is very charming and he is as suave as in most of his roles. By the way he produced this movie directed and written by Brad Silberling.

Then, there is Paz Vega. I believe I have seen almost all her movies, so you could say I am her fan. She is good actress and her movies are very European, but to be honest, I watch because she is very sweet eye candy for my dry eyes in movies like El Otro Lado de la Cama and Lucia y el Sexo. So, I do not understand why she is in this movie, especially because people that probably have only seen Spanglish will see it. This definitively will not help her to build her career in the other side of the world. Why they do that? If you want to meet Paz, check here

So, if you really enjoy Morgan Freeman performances watch it, otherwise go on with your life, you do not need this type of fantasy to entertain you.

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