Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes Predictions

As everyone is playing with their crystal balls I will too; but please remember that I don’t take too seriously these awards, especially this year when they nominated so many films in the wrong categories like for example The Tourist in the Comedy or Musical category (??!!) and when seems that organizers were more concerned with show ratings than with the general quality of the awards. With the many celebrities and real Hollywood stars that are nominated and if they come to the awards, watching the show –and the red carpet- will be more like an entertainment magazine than a serious, yet fun-to-watch, awards show. But of course I will watch!!! LOL!

This is what my crystal ball says.

Best Motion Picture – Drama
Black Swan should win but I bet whatever you wish that The Social Network will win.  Right.

Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical
Terrible category as chosen nominees are going to make possible that awful The Kids Are All Right wins something in this awards season; yep will win. Wouldn’t be extremely FUNNY if The Tourist wins??? I will love to see movie win in the comedy category! (lol!)  Unfortunately I was Right.

Best Animated Feature Film
Haven’t seen The Illusionist but if is half as good than The Triplets of Belleville (which I bet you is not as animation is really ahead in France - they're setting new industry standards) then this movie should win. But we know that Toy Story 3 will win.  Right.

Best Foreign Language Film
There are three films I haven’t seen, so I have to guess who the winner could be. My instinct says that the film that deserves winning is In a Better World –which I haven’t seen- but probably I Am Love will win, after all this is the foreign press. I question those that are saying that Biutiful will win as believe could be possible if Javier Bardem got a nod as Best Actor and he didn’t. So, I say is Italy this year.  I'm SO GLAD Denmark WON!!! Bravo!!  so,was half right... lol!

Best Director
I’m having a hard time deciding… think that David Fincher will win. Yes my hope is that Aronofsky wins, but then you also have Hooper.  Hard.  So Fincher won.  Right.

Actress – Drama
Has to be Natalie Portman. Period. Right.

Actress – Comedy or Musical
Has to be Annette Bening and she deserves it, not only for this film but also for great Mother and Child. Right.

Supporting Actress
Haven’t seen Animal Kingdom, but think Jacki Weaver will win. Other contenders could be Helena Bonham Carter and Melissa Leo. But wouldn’t be nice if Mila Kunis wins? (lol!)  Should say that I was half wrong, well Melissa Leo character was scary dysfunctional.

Actor – Drama
Of course, Colin Firth should win and I hope he wins. But I wouldn’t mind at all if young Jesse Eisenberg wins.  Right.

Actor – Comedy or Musical
Of course, Johnny Depp!!! He should win EVERYTHING. Okay, seriously have no idea, not an easy category for me as haven’t seen four movies. Could this be Kevin Spacey first win ever?  Probably. On second thoughts, wouldn't the ratings be high if organizers assure the presence of Johnny?  He has to be around and if he is, then he will win. Wrong.

Supporting Actor
Disliked the movie a lot but I wouldn’t be surprised if Christian Bale wins. Hope that illness and sentimentalism doesn’t prevail and make Douglas the winner. Right.

Excellent screenplay by Aaron Sorkin he has to win.  Right.

Best Original Score
No idea. Will guess. How about most famous Alexandre Desplat… yes, him. Wrong.

Original song
Easy, one from the two Burlesque’s songs nominated. How about Cher-sung You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me… yes this one.  Right.

So what do you think, do you agree? Disagree? Well, next Sunday we will know who wins and this year circus will be over which allows us to concentrate into more serious affairs.

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