Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write about this movie as I found it too pretentious with many art cinema techniques used to differentiate past and present that soon enough became tediuous; but when I found that this film production costs were about 3,000 Euros I had to mention the first work of Fabienne Berthaud that required her three years to accomplish as started filming when Diane Kruger was an unknown and continue filming when she had free time from the projects that made Kruger well-known.

Berthaud had made before a documentary about high fashion and wrote the script for this film that tells the story of Frankie that from being at the top of her model career everything cracks when she has a breakdown and ends up hospitalized at an unusual mental facility.

One thing I have to recognize from Berthaud work, doing something different in a mental institution is not easy as there are many filmmakers that have done almost everything. Berthaud found a “new” way that was interesting more for the visuals than for anything else. She used light saturation. The problem is that after watching a few scenes your eyes start to hurt, she should have changed the style after a while.

This film can only appeal to those that want to watch many beauty shots of Kruger (and other actresses playing models) and to those that want to see how a 2005 ultra-low budget film looks like and want to figure out how to do it in 2009.


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