Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Movies I Couldn’t Watch

Decided to do this post as there are some movies that I started to watch but had to stop them, as I couldn’t take any more and since nowadays my memory is not working as before better to record them here.

35 rhums (35 Shots of Rum), Claire Denis, France and Germany, 2008 (trains and trains... narrative and visuals not interesting for me)
Cosmopolis, David Cronenberg. Impossible to watch. Terrible performances, with a few exceptions (Juliette Binoche); BUT I like what they are saying, what movie is about. So will read the book.
Drag Me to Hell, Sam Raimini, USA, 2009 (I tried to watch, but was impossible!)
Eldorado, Bouli Lanners, France and Belgium
Franklyn, Gerald McMorrow, France and UK (made me sleep like a baby... very boring)
Import/Export, Ulrich Seidl, Austria
La France, Serge Bozon, France (too boring... and suddenly the soldiers singing!!)
La Influencia, Pedro Aguilera, Mexico and France (too depressing!!!)
La Journée de la Jupe, Jean-Paul Lilienfeld, France and Belgium (it was too much to stand it and not even Isabelle Adjani in the screen allow me to stand this “another” French school class story…)
Louise-Michel, Gustave de Kervern and Benoît Delépine, France (definitively I do not enjoy French humor...)
Karamazovi (The Karamazovs), Petr Zelenka, Czech Republic and Poland
Kung Fu Panda
Kynodontas Κυνόδοντας (Dogtooth), Yorgos Lanthimos (impossible to watch, tried 3/4 times and gave up, was too much for me)
LOL (Laughing Out Loud), Lisa Anzuelos, France
Miesten vuoro (Stream of Life), Joonas Berghällin and Mika Hotakaisen (couldn't stand the male philosophy...)
Mister Lonely, Harmony Korine, USA, France, Ireland and UK
Otto; or, Up with Dead People, Bruce LaBruce, Germany and Canada(visually not pleasant)
Precious, not my kind of movie, terrible!
Unrelated, Joanna Hogg, UK
Visage (Face), Tsai Ming-Liang, France, Taiwan, Netherlands, and Belgium, 2009 (pretentious, narrative not relevant for me, images nice but repetitive... fall asleep)

Most of these movies put me to sleep...

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