Sunday, June 29, 2008

25th Filmfest Munchen Award Winners

Yesterday the fest closed and here are the main award winners.

The Arri-Zeiss-Award: Gomorra (Gomorrha), Matteo Garrone, Italy

Arri-Zeiss-Award Jury Statement: The jury awards its top prize to a film whose frightening portrait of a contemporary community transforms the familiar generic portraits of criminal life into a superbly enacted harshly realistic depiction of a modern day gomorrha. Its direction, its ensemble of creators and its fresh and original storytelling makes for a film experfience that captures ones imagination as it effects our view of the everyday world.

The jury made its selection from a final nomination list of three films including Carlos Reygadas Silent Light and Il Divo by Paolo Sorrentino and further wishes to congratulate all the filmmakers in the program and thank the Festival and its staff for their hard work and kindnesses.

CineVision Award: Vse umrut, a ya ostanus (Everybody Dies But Me), Valeria Gaia Germanica, Russia
Jury Statement: “Adolescents can laugh and cry almost at the same time. On the surface there are sudden fierce reactions, deeper down there is an innocence, a dreamy inner world.” That’s how Russian director Valeria Gaia Germanica describes the protagonists in her film Everybody Dies But Me. The excellent performances by her young cast bring the world of teenage emotions to the screen with authenticity and intensity. A lot of it may appear to be a horror scenario, but the characters’ strength and determination shows that there is hope for their future. Also nominated: Home and Los Bastardos.

This year’s CineMerit Award went to actress Julie Christie. Der 2008 Bernhard Wicki Filmpreis - Die Brücke - Der Friedenspreis des Deutschen Films was awarded to Maria Noelle and Peter Sehr for The Anarchist's Wife, Germany, Spain and France, 2009.

To check all the winners go here.

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