Monday, October 15, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum

Finally I was able to see this last installment of the Bourne story and well, it was entertaining even do I consider that some scenes were too long, we already knew the end and didn’t give any additional interesting or exciting elements to the story.

But in general, the way the camera moves, the editing and the music makes this movie a real powerhouse of rush and adrenaline as is really crazy-fast-paced (probably thousands of frames in many scenes). Tells the continuing story of Jason Bourne trying to find his true identity. Here he gets a name and even if some are saying that this is the conclusion, I think that there is more to tell and with the box office success (over US$224 million in 10 weeks) probably they’ll feel compelled to do an additional Bourne.

Some critics believe that this movie set new standards for future action movies, perhaps it did, but only time will say it. But one thing I feel is not; this movie is not like the first The Matrix that’s really a hiatus in action films and now there is a before and after The Matrix.

Yes I already saw my one action movie a year, but I’ve seen all Bourne previous movies, so I had to see this one and have to say that I enjoy it a lot more than the previous ones, even if here I missed Franka Potente character in the screen.

If you have seen the previous Bourne installments, this one is one not to miss.


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