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Monday, April 07, 2008

Lieb Mich! (aka Tu M’Aimes or Love Me!)

This 2000 German made for TV film by Maris Pfeiffer is not that bad for a made for TV movie with a story that perhaps nowadays we have seen before, but definitively not with the end the story written also by Pfeiffer proposes.

Tells about Kathrin married to Peter with a young kid named Nicki. Kathrin falls for Nicki’s new schoolteacher Elena and start an affair that will bring the expected trio solution (this is an European film so I expected the trio) but the end was totally unexpected and perhaps more realistic than other stories/movies that explore trio situations.

One thing I felt is that the beginning of the story when Kathrin falls for Elena is rushed and wished they could have take more time to develop the “love at first sight” between the two women. But with all the twists the story has I sort of understand why they decided to rush it. Still I think that’s the best part of this movie, as afterwards Kathrin behaves like a true spoil woman.

This is no masterpiece or a great movie as a movie, but nevertheless I strongly recommend this movie to many that read this blog as I believe is a nice must be seen movie in the genre.


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