Sunday, March 09, 2008

Impossible Movies

I feel like sharing with you two names of movies I found impossible to watch and had to stop them.


Sorry but I couldn’t watch it as was too boring for me. Think I sustained a little more than half the movie, but gee whatever was happening simply was not interesting for me. I had to check it as it was nominated for an Oscar; but see, sometimes nominations and awards do not mean much, is all about what you like and what you don’t. In my opinion Bikur Ha-Tizmoret was better, but unfortunately was disqualified as Israel’s official submission to the Oscar’s.

Southland Tales

Well this one I stopped watching before reaching half the movie. There are many things that annoyed me, first of all the very annoying narrator with what I call an emotionless voice… think that Justin Timberlake should stick to singing, not that I like his singing but there are many teens that just adore him.

This apocalyptic tale is just too much to take with many scenes that look like if you’re watching CNN or any 24/7 news channel. Perhaps writer and director Richard Kelly original screenplay was better as it was suppose to make fun of Hollywood; he change it after 9/11 to become more an anti-war message. Perhaps the 160 minutes version that he premiered at the 2006 Cannes was more interesting as it had less special effects, but the Cannes experience was negative with only one other movie having such a big failure; then he reduced the movie length after making a deal with Sony to add special effects. So many chances just assure that this is a mess.

Then many comic TV and movies actors are in here with supporting roles, with what are supposedly to be dark comedy lines, which of course they’re not, and they just become dull and ugly characters. I refuse to comment about leads that were terrible characters with below average performances.

What really blew my mind is to find that some viewers who seem to be mildly impressed but confused or find it different are calling this movie ART. This makes me think that some people believe that whatever they find in a movie that does not fit their personal movie standards can be called art. I do use a lot the words art cinema, art house or art movie here so now I’m wondering… when I use any of those words, what do you readers think I’m referring to?? What is art cinema, art house cinema or an art movie??? Please leave comments if you feel like answering the questions.

Anyway I cannot recommend these two movies, as I find them very boring, so boring that I stop watching before the end.

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