Monday, January 14, 2008


I just love it! What a great movie with a great story, great director, great cinematography and most of all, excellent performance by outstandingly beautiful Ellen Page. Truly deserves all the accolades and buzz its been getting and I was a little afraid that it would not fulfill my expectations, but not only fulfilled them but surpassed them by far.

Do you know how many movies are about teen pregnancy? I don’t, but I bet you there are hundreds if not thousands. So, how hard can be to do a teen pregnancy movie that is totally different to the others? Very hard, so chapeau to Diablo Cody for writing such a different, intelligent and outstanding story about… well, actually to me is not about teen pregnancy is about taking smart decisions at the exact time when you have to and is about portraying teenagers as teens but also as smart human beings –without becoming nerdy-, which I have to say there are not many movies that do so.

This Jason Reitman movie has been placed in the comedy genre and yes you have laughs but is not from comic situations is from very smart dialogue, so I feel that this is a dark comedy but most of all is a good drama, like in dramatic comedy, if that exists.

Tells the story of Juno (Ellen Page) that finds is pregnant, try to get an abortion but opts for giving the baby for adoption. See, the outline of the story is very simple but the dialogues are extremely smart, compelling, touching and just brilliant. Plus the performances make everything to become real, like in real life. Kudos to all the actors and again, especially to outstanding Ellen Page.

One thing I particularly enjoyed is that you really do not know where the story is going and there is a moment that you just give up trying to figure out, relax and truly enjoy what’s happening in the screen. Not with many movies I’m capable of doing this.

Another outstanding feature is the soundtrack with really nice songs and music that absolutely complement or make more emotional whatever is happening in the screen. From now on some music and songs in this pic will be forever tied to fantastic Juno.

The movie has won many awards and nominations browse the blog and you’ll find most of them. A must be seen movie that I strongly recommend to all audiences, but I have the feeling that adult audiences will like it better than teenagers.

Big Enjoy!!!

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