Thursday, July 15, 2021

60th Semaine de la Critique Award Winners

Will not deny that having the festival during a summer month is kind of strange as on top, there are many cinema-related events going on at the same time due to the pandemia; so, it's not easy to concentrate on only one thing no matter how big or important that thing could be.  Nevertheless time flies and amazingly yesterday took place the first awards ceremony of the 2021 Cannes festival.

Cannes parallel section Critics' Week gave away they prizes according to a jury lead by none other than Cristian Mungiu with top award going to first-ever reprensation of Egypt in La Semaine, Feathers by Omar El-Zohairy.

The Winners

Feature Films

Grand PrizeFeathers, Omar El Zohairy, France, Egypt, Netherlands and Greece

Louis Roeder Foundation Rising Star Award: Sandra Melissa Torres in Amparo, Simón Mesa Soto, Colombia, Sweden, Germany and Qatar
SACD Award: Elie Grappe and Raphaëlle Desplechin writers of Olga, Elle Grappe, Switzerland, Ukraine and France
Gan Foundation Award for Distribution: Condor French distributor of Rien à foutre (Zero Fucks Given), Julie Lecoustre and Emmanuel Marre, Belgium and France

Short Films
Leitz Cine Discovery Prize for Short Film: Duo Li (Lili Alone), Zuo Jing, China, Hong Kong and Singapore
Canal+ Award for Short Film: Brutalia, Days of Labour, Manolis Mavris, Greece and Belgium
To check list at official site go here.

On other news, a few days back the project from British filmmaker Molly Manning Walker won the Critics' Week Next Step Award. The jury made of Carole Baraton,Charades international sales, Vanja Kaludjercic, Director of Rotterdam International Film Festival, and Juliette Schramek, Agat Films producer, selected How to Have Sex by Molly Manning Walker who presented her short film at the 59th Semaine de la Critique. To read about the project that soon will become a film go to official site here.

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