Tuesday, October 27, 2015

28th European Film Awards - The Jury Awards

The European Film Academy announces the first winners who will be honored at this year’s 28th European Film Awards.

A special seven-member jury convened in Berlin and, based on the EFA Selection list and the additional film entries, decided on the winners in the categories cinematography, editing, production design, costume design, composer and sound design. The following are the jury members.

Anna Asp, production designer, Sweden
Daniela Ciancio, costume designer, Italy
Mathieu Cox, sound designer, Belgium
Uberto Pasolini, director/producer, UK
Adam Sikora, cinematographer, Poland
Kjartan Sveinsson, composer, Iceland
Monika Will, editor, Austria

The European Film Academy congratulates the following awards recipients:

European Cinematographer -Prix Carlo di Palma: Martin Gschlacht for Ich Seh Ich Seh (Goodnight Mommy), Austria
Jury Statement: The photography in Goodnight Mommy is extremely consistent and suggestive. Every frame is created in the atmosphere of the film and strengthens its dramaturgy. These pictures are testimony to the huge visual sensitivity of the cinematographer. They are an excellent example of the use of composition and light and offer a new, very modern understanding of the art of cinematography.

European Editor: Jacek Drosio for Ciało (Body), Poland
Jury Statement: The editing of Body is an outstanding example of playful precision. Underpinned by shining humor, the montage uses cinematography’s many-faceted imagery to create space for each character, for each character’s dignity, the deceased and the viewer. Jacek Drosio allows us to linger, steps up the beat where needed and shifts perspectives to compose a splendid narration that brings all pain and longing together in a good laugh.

European Production Designer: Sylvie Olivé for Le Tout nouveau testament (The Brand New Testament), Belgium, France and Luxembourg
Jury Statement: The design follows and supports the drama in a beautiful, funny and artistic way, mixing the real and the surreal with a lot of ironic fantasy.

European Costume Designer: Sarah Blenkinsop for The Lobster, UK, Ireland, Greece, France and the Netherlands
Jury Statement: Using color and shape in a wonderful way to paint each frame of the film, the costume design helps to realize the director’s vision. Every single item the actors wear has its own recognizable story.

European Composer: Cat's Eyes for The Duke of Burgundy, UK and Hungary
Jury Statement: For a very brave and daring approach to film scoring, with all the right elements of musical craftsmanship and visual understanding.

European Sound Designer: Vasco Pimentel and Miguel Martins for As Mil e uma Noites - Vol. I-III (Arabian Nights-Vol. I-III), Portugal, Germany, France and Switzerland
Jury Statement: The Sound Design for ARABIAN NIGHTS possesses a strong identity, combining documentary and fiction styles. Each sound sequence develops an original point of view closely matching the narration. The result is brilliant poetry, full of life and boldness.

To check the official announcement go here. The nominations in the categories European Film, Comedy, Director, Screenwriter, Actress and Actor will be announced on 7 November at the Seville European Film Festival.

The members of the European Film Academy, more than 3,000 European film professionals, will then vote for the winners and all awards recipients will receive their EFA Statuette during the 28th European Film Awards Ceremony. Taking place at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele in Berlin on Saturday, 12 December, the event will be streamed live on www.europeanfilmawards.eu

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