Friday, June 29, 2012

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Story is not exactly what I imagined as I was captivated by the trailer and imagined something quite different. It's not the first time trailer is deceptive but it's the first time that watching so many unpleasant characters make me uncomfortable as definitively did not met my expectations. But characters could not be that unpleasant if actors wouldn't be so good, especially hilarious Kirstin Scott Thomas. But soon enough I was inside the movie, forgot all unpleasantness and enjoyed the ride.

Indeed is a rom-com but Lasse Hallström movie plays with many more themes that easily engage you with this non-predictable story; from all the issues touched perhaps the one that got me more interested was the relationship between fishing and faith (or religion if you wish) as not often you have a very religious-oriented character dealing the subject of faith with a scientist. Then, even if some say that movie lost most of the great satire from the book, I found the hilarious caricature-satire quite funny in a very darkish way. So I had fun with movie, enjoyed the seriousness beneath and well, liked the romance side too.

As many BBC productions, movie is not a masterpiece but has great production values, good cinematography and an interesting storytelling style that not gives away what comes next (one exception), so you will enjoy the ride as well as the destination. In the end is a feel good movie that will entertain you especially if you haven't read Paul Torday's novel.

I do recommend movie and just hope that if you have seen or will watch trailer do not get the same impression and expectative that I got.


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