Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hua wei mei (Bad Romance)

Film starts so promising that can't deny I thought I was watching a French film but after a few minutes style becomes repetitive and annoying, so much that definitively becomes pretentious, too arty and pretentious. Then editing is atrocious.

Film tells three stories, but you can tell that director real interest is the gay interest story as is about the only one that is more developed, but don't expect much development as director decided that only his images will tell the story, so dialogue is down to minimum, with silences that in this movie are absolutely unnecessary as you would have preferred to see "something" happening more coherently. Maybe if he had told one story first, then the next and last, the last one film would have made more sense; but in the end I think that director should have concentrated only in the gay story and film perhaps would have been more entertaining at least to those that like the genre.

Other stories deal with a young mother that meets a young man and last -really shorter- has been promoted as a trio, but actually is about a girl that likes another girl and a man that comes between them. But as movie name tells all stories end bad and unfortunately film is quite bad from any point of view you want to comment it.

François Chang's movie shows a director that wants to fusion French and Chinese cinema, as there are some references to French movies and style also recalls some Chinese movies, but in the end he is not successful in what could been a very interesting fusion. To get an idea of how good this movie could have been just check the trailer, but don't forget that what trailer promises is not delivered by movie.

Can't recommend film but I know that some of my loyal readers enjoy gay interest movies and this film surely will please them as sex scene -when finally comes- is long and hot.


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