Friday, December 10, 2010

The Town

I like Ben Affleck as a director and believe that he has improved his skills as this movie is a good movie; my personal problem is with Ben Affleck the actor that honestly can’t enjoy his stiff and not involving characters recreations and here in this film even with him directing himself is no exception as I didn’t enjoyed much his performance.

Affleck co wrote the screenplay that’s inspired in Chuck Hogan novel “Prince of Thieves” which have to admit that is a quite good script as surely story development was what kept my attention and allowed me to enjoy this entertaining film whilst his directorial skills made this film a lot more commercial than his previous film, but still has some very interesting camera work, cinematography and tech specs.

Films tells a fictionalized story of what happens in a Boston neighborhood with a high number of armed robbers (that actually happened in the 90’s but now is “controlled”) and a group of four men that followed their father’s tradition when became robbers too. Film starts with a successful heist to a bank where they take the bank manager hostage only to release her unharmed; but they find that she lives blocks away from where they live, so Doug MacRay (Affleck) follows her to make sure they’re not leaving some loose ends. You can predict that Claire (Rebecca Hall) and Doug will fall for each other but that’s about the only thing that is predictable in this story that has quite interesting characters and good secondary small performances by Chris Cooper and Pete Postlethwaite.

Casting was really good for this movie as we also have Jon Hamm, Blake Lively and especially Jeremy Renner with good performances and mostly, good looks which makes film easy to your eyes and ultimately easy to watch.

According to viewers’ reviews seems that film was targeted mainly to men with some liking the drama and action while others not liking the movie. I believe this is not a “male” audience movie, this is a drama/action/romance film that will entertain people that enjoy American good cinema as film by principle is violent but is astonishing that there is not much violence in film or if you wish, is not glorified.

So when you get in the mood of watching an entertaining film I suggest you give a try to this film with good performances (except one) and an engaging story that premiered out of competition at 2010 Venice film fest.


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