Friday, October 01, 2010

A Brit teen movie about 4 (girls), 3 (days), 2 (cities), 1 (chance) that basically looks and feels like four short stories about 3 days in the life of 4 girls even when filmmakers went (unsuccessfully) into great lengths to make the story one.

Film starts with the end but goes back to when the four girls meet at a coffee shop and when they part ways (point one), film proceeds to tell one by one what each girl did in the following three days. After telling first story, film fast-rewinds to ‘point-one’ and tells second girl story, and so on and so forth until after the last girl story rewinds to the beginning and concludes. Have to say that’s a good idea but was badly executed as not only story used a not-so-credible unifying storyline about stolen diamonds but also segments were uneven.

Opens with the story of Shannon that urgently needs the help of her friends but is unable to get their attention; she’s troubled because her mother left her and her father. This story is acceptable. Second tells the story of Cassandra who travels to New York City to meet a guy she fall in love via Internet. Not credible and uninteresting story but Tamsin Egerton is eye-candy. Third is Kerrys story which is the true reason I watched this film as she’s lesbian and (tries to) spend the three days with her girlfriend at Cassandra’s flat. Even when story is silly, in general, is acceptable for those that enjoy the lesbian interest genre as has all the necessary elements that genre audience enjoys. Last is Joanne story which is the worst of all, not only because is really non-interesting but also because actress performance is the worst of all four.

Labeled as crime and thriller be sure that this is No crime and nothing is thrilling in this hard to classify movie as Shannon segment is drama, Cassandra’s is silly drama, Kerrys is more comedy and Joanne’s is boring! Also I'm still wondering about the 1 chance (in the title) the girls had as unless is traveling abroad at the end, I have no idea.

I don’t recommend the movie as is a little bit more than a huge mess, but I know that Kerrys segment is must be seen for many that read the blog.


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