Friday, May 14, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton films have always his special unique visual and storytelling style and this film is no exception as is visually rich plus has a story told a la Burton. The bad news, I didn't enjoy the story, most performances and I almost fall asleep in the boring parts.

Not long ago I admitted that since childhood Alice in Wonderland is THE one children story that scared me the most, so it took me lots of courage to decide to watch this film that I had to watch because yes, I have to watch everything with Johnny Depp. After so much anxiety I was so disappointed (LOL!) as the 'sequel' to Alice in Wonderland is not scary at all, on the contrary, is pointless and boring.

Tells about Alice second visit to Wonderland. Now a young woman about to unwillingly engage to a Lord in a fixed for convenience marriage. She literally escapes to Wonderland before answering the marriage proposal. While in Wonderland no one is sure if she's the right 'Alice', not even her, not even us viewers as there are many story pieces that are the same as the original story but soon enough characters start doing and talking 'new' things. Confusing? Yeah, maybe more than a little; but the real problem is the new story is not interesting and even silly.

The good news, the film is visually superior even to Avatar (like someone said somewhere and I definitively agree) the imaginary world is visually fantastic and I just imagine how it look in 3D as I watch in plain old good 2D. After my disastrous experience with Avatar I'm not rushing to watch every single movie that comes in 3D as is not really worth it. Then I loved Johnny Depp performance as a really crazy Mad Hatter, plus Alan Rickman and Stephen Fry voice acting were really good.

I'm sure that many will not like the film, some will be in the middle and others will love it. All right I'm cheating as I read many critics' and viewers' comments and that's exactly the behavior; me, I'm in the middle, I don't hate it but I didn't like it and believe me I wanted to like the movie as the characters pictures in the film promotion looked unbelievably good.

Do I recommend the film? No, if you want to have a good escape entertaining moment. Yes if you need to watch everything with Johnny Depp. Yes if you like visually fantastic films and do not care much about the story (this sounds just like Avatar - hmm, hope is not a 3D trend).


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