Thursday, May 06, 2010

Cannes Classics 2010 - Last

For the first time I'm recording here information about this section of the Cannes fest that screens classics from all over the world. The following is the section description.

Cannes Classics, created in 2004, accompanies contemporary films from the Official Selection with a program of restored films and lost films that have been found again, as part of their re-release in cinemas or on DVD. The screenings will be held at the Palais des Festival and will be shown again at La Licorne.

Some I have seen -a long time ago- but will be really nice to be able to revisit them once again. These are the films that will be shown.

La Bataille du Rail (The Battle of the Railes), René Clément, France, 1946 - Restored
Boudu Sauve Des Eaux (Boudu Saved from Drowning), Jean Renoir, France, 1932 - Restored with unseen footage
Tristana, Luis Buñuel, Spain, France and Italy, 1970 - Shown as part of a celebration of Spanish cinema
Il Gattopardo (The Leopard), Italy, Luchino Visconti, 1963 - Restored
Die Blechtromerl (The Tin Drum), Volker Schlöndorff, Germany, 1979 - restored and re-edited in a 'director's cut'
Khandahar (The Ruins), Mrinal Sen, India, 1983
La Campagne de Ciceron, Jacques Davila, France, 1989 - Restored
La 317e Section, Pierre Schoendoerffer, France, 1965 - Restored
Le Grand Amour (The Great Love), Pierre Etaix, France, 1969 - Restored
Africa Queen, John Huston, USA and UK, 1951 - Restored (sponsored by Angelica Huston)
Au Petit Boheur (Happy Go Lucky), Marcel L'Herbier, France, 1946 - Retored
Psycho, Alfred Hitchock, USA, 1960 - Restored
Kiss of the Spider Woman, Hector Babenco, USA and Brazil, 1985 - Restored

Also the World Cinema Foundation established in Cannes by Martin Scorsese will screen several films as well as the Cinematheque of Bologna plus four documentaries that includes one by Stig Bjorkman with unseen footage of -and by- Bergman!

To read the complete press release please go here and to read information about each film go here where you can also check the Documentaries and the World Cinema Foundation films.

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