Monday, April 12, 2010

2010 Cannes

I really have to call this post 'Cannes Gossip' as the news are not at the official site and maybe they are just gossip. Still sooner than later I'll find if they are true.

- The 'maitresse de cérémonie du festival' will be none other than Kristin Scott-Thomas!!! As Gilles Jacob told on TV and now is allover the French press (so it's true!). This year the first fest news are related to some of my favorite actresses, first Juliette, now Kristin and see what follows.

-From Cinecitta News: according to Italian press, it's almost sure than Giovanna Mezzogiorno is going to be part of the Jury.

-Zombie film starring Sir Ian McKellen heads to Cannes. It's a 22-minute comedy and wonder if will be in competition in the shorts section perhaps?

-The Selection will include films by Jean-Luc Godard (at Un Certain Regard), Woody Allen (the one set in London with a great cast), Abbas Kiarostami (film with Juliette Binoche!) and Oliver Stone (yep, the sequel to a famous NY street movie)... LOVE to be able to watch a new film by Godard! Hope is true and a great Romanian movie that follows The Death of Mr. Lazarescu makes it to the selection.

-Bad, bad, bad... but seems that the Selection could have a Brad Pitt film; still the good news is that Sean Penn costars.

-Oliver Assayas 'Carlos the Jackal' a three-part 4 1/2-hour miniseries about Venezuelan terrorist Illich Ramirez Sanchez probably will make it too.

-Carrosse d'Or goes to Varda!!!

These are today's 'news' (still gossip) about upcoming Cannes.

One last thing... if you're not familiar with Cannes fest (the Mother of all Festivals) please take a look at the following video that I'm sure it was made for those not familiar with the fest...

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