Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Solo Quiero Caminar (Just Walking)

Imagine a movie with Victoria Abril, Ariadna Gil, Elena Anaya and Pilar López de Ayala. Can you? This movie has this stellar cast and surprise, is entertaining with particular nod to quite interesting and good cinematography. Okay, is not perfect as it has its moments when is too predictable, long unnecessary dramatic takes (they had to allow dramatic screen time to each leading role), the narrative is fragmented as if they want us to know everything about the background but left to our imagination many things and among all the macho Mexican men there had to be one that was not that macho Gabriel (Diego Luna). But in general is entertaining, grabs your attention beyond watching the actresses, and there are some moments where you really get into the story about half the movie.

Someone who reads this blog was asking for the female Ocean Eleven and yes this is the one as is about a heist; the difference to Ocean is that here are only four women that can do everything (and more) eleven men did in Ocean. Do the math and you will guess that these women are not the traditional weak females cinema love to portrait and no matter how skinny or tiny the actresses are at moments whatever they do is quite credible; helps a lot that in many scenes they look like if they’re not wearing makeup.

This Agustín Díaz Yanes mainstream oeuvre (he writes and directs) starts with the four women doing a heist to Russian gangsters in Spain; something goes wrong and one ends up in jail. Simultaneously we meet two Mexican gangsters in Mexico City, who eventually travel to Spain and meet two of the women. One Mexican decides to marry Ana (Elena Anaya) and the action moves back to Mexico where eventually the women get together to execute a plan to steal from Ana’s husband. There are many little twists in the story, some are successfully unexpected but some are not.

The movie was honored with a 2009 Goya for cinematography and Ariadna Gil won Best Actress at the 2209 Cinema Writers Circle Awards from Spain, an award that Gil deserves as she delivers quite good the best role of the four.

I was expecting a light movie (still in the same mood) but this is not light, is darkish and not only because the cinematography but also because some of the spoken dialogues which definitively was an unexpected surprise that allowed me to enjoy the film beyond watching the strong female portraits by actresses I could not imagine doing those roles at all.

The film cinematography is interesting but this is a mainstream movie that I believe could appeal to adult audiences as an escape moment and as such I do recommend it. If you like watching any of the actresses, then the film is must be seen for you and I strongly recommend do not miss seeing Ariadna Gil as probably you’ll be as surprised as me with her performance.


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