Friday, November 20, 2009


Yeah, I’m still in my entertainment mood and decided to give a try to the Roland Emmerich film that from trailer I was expecting great special effects more than anything else. My expectations were met. The film has outstanding special effects that you start to LIVE after the too long first 30 minutes with terrible, boring and annoying main character introductions. But as I mention I wasn’t expecting great dialogues, great actors performances or great cinematography. Still I was surprised by the so many known actors in the film that include old timers like George Segal and the likes of Oliver Platt, Woody Harrelson, Danny Glover, and Thandie Newton; I knew about John Cussack and yes, I’ll watch everything with him.

I’m not particularly fond of disaster movies but have to admit that I always succumb to watch them, even the TV ones! There is always something weird that attracts me to the “end of the world”, earthquakes (I have lived real ones), sinking vessels (who didn’t watch Titanic?), tornados, hurricanes, etc. So a story inspired by Mayan predictions that set 2012 to relive something similar to what caused the disappearance of dinosaurs, had to appeal me more that just whatever disaster movie. Unfortunately according to what I read around the net, the theatrical cut doesn’t include the Mayan references and reduced them to a news broadcast. I believe that instead of boring characters introductions the Mayan references could have given the story more credibility.

Anyway the film has its very good thrilling, tense and awesome effects moments; but also has too silly, cheesy and boring moments that made me wish to have a remote control to fast forward to the next exciting moment with the special effects that definitively set a new standard and will make older disaster movies look pale in comparison.

I do recommend the movie to movie lovers as I believe is a must be seen for the special effects, but please don’t expect much more. For entertaining purposes the 158 minutes film will definitively entertain you for about two hours, so it’s not that bad, isn’t?

Enjoy! (Many Awesome special effects!!!)

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