Wednesday, May 27, 2009

15th Identities Queer Film Festival

From June 4 to 19 the fest will take place in Vienna, Austria and will screen many movies known to the blog; but has one particularly elusive film from 1974 called Anna und Edith by Gerrit Neuhaus (the film, commissioned by broadcaster ZDF, was about the first German TV movie ever made featuring a lesbian relationship and is about two female insurance clerks who fall in love while fighting for better working conditions.) that perhaps some of my known readers that live around there will like to see in the big screen. Also elusive is Dos Miradas (Two Looks) by Sergio Candel.

To check the feature films in the fest go here where you can also check the shorts and documentaries.

The fest recalled me the following that I reproduce: "2009 is an anniversary year. 40 years of Stonewall."

So I know that June will be a month that could be full of celebrations around the world and hopefully, celebrations will include screenings of great genre films.

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