Friday, May 01, 2009

Fast & Furious

Here I am with my eclectic taste in movies but I couldn’t miss the fourth installment of this series (have seen them all) especially when they brought back Vin Diesel! Yeah, he’s about the only action actor left (the others are getting too old) that I like to watch in the big screen as (please do not critique me too much) I really enjoy his always-the-same personality projected in his always-the-same characters.

Definitively this is a fast car action film that I only recommend to those that have seen the previous three and if you are thinking of giving a try to this one, at least you have to see the first (The Fast and The Furious) –that’s still the best of all- to enjoy this one.

But I also watched because Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez crazy acrobatics and most of all Jordana Brewster that finally gets into a car (even if is just for a few seconds!).

Anyway, this is an acquired taste film and I insist that only those that have seen the series will enjoy this type of very entertaining movies that for more than an hour will take your head far away from the real world.

One last thing, the action in this film is totally out of reality and I found it very similar to Quantum of Solace; the thing is that here is great and fun to watch, but in a James Bond movie you do not expect or enjoy this type of action at all.


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