Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2008 Toronto International Film Festival - Update

Update August 20: The official site still has no information and as you know I prefer the official site to list the movies. But if today you need to check the movies I found a site that has the list for all programs and is here.

Finally today (I’ve been checking everyday!) the fest announced his complete lineup and here it is… oops! I cannot list anything because the site is experiencing “technical difficulties”, yeah probably they haven’t upload the complete info… they should know that the information should be in their official site before the press announcement (this is a golden Marketing and PR rule that you break only with a risky purpose: to create expectation, but must of the time backfires in a negative way). Well, they have a brief press release with not much information about the movies or anything else.

The only interesting part of the press release is the following information.

This year the fest presents 249 feature-length films with 116 world premiers and 61 are directorial debuts.

If you feel like reading the press release go here.

Think that I just wanted to share my frustration with you all… but, I’ll post some of the movies as soon as they have them in the official site that’s here.

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