Monday, June 23, 2008

11th Shanghai International Award Winners

These are the fest award winners.

Jin Jue Award Winners
Best Feature Film
: Mukha, Vladimir Kott, Russia, 2008
Jury Grand Prix: Old Fish (aka Nick of Time), Gao Qunshu, China, 2007
Best Director: Maris Martinsons for Nereikalingi zmones (Loss),Lithuania, 2007
Best Actor: Ma Guowei for Old Fish (aka Nick of Time), China, 2007
Best Actress: Emilia Vasaryova for Václav, Jiri Vejdelek, Czech Republic, 2007
Best Screenplay: Marek Epstein, for Václav, Jiri Vejdelek, Czech Republic, 2007
Best Cinematography: Florian Schilling, for Die Tränen meiner Mutter (My Mother’s Tears aka Berlin-Buenos Aires), Alejandro Cardenas, Germany, 2007
Best Music: Andrius Mamontovas for Nereikalingi zmones (Loss), Maris Martinsons, Lithuania, 2007

New Talent Awards
Best Film: Winds of September, Tom Shu-Yu Lin, Taiwan and China
The film tells the story of two friends who are high school students and who are passionate members of a baseball team. Through their story, the film develops with great subtlety a picture of the life style, the feelings and ambitions of a generation of Youth in Taiwan ten years ago.

Jury Prize: Lucky Dog, Meng Zhang, China
Hero of the film is a retired railway mechanical engineer. After his retirement he has to care for his sick wife and he is looking for new jobs in many different areas but must discover that he now belongs to a generation of the past for which people of today have little understanding. The film fascinates through its humorous and realistic narration, his fantasy and exact observation. It is also a film of human warmth and compassion.

Best Director: Hyeon-gi Hong for Thirsty, Thirsty, Korea
The film portrays a middle aged man who is a debt collector for an agency but who is himself indebted. Many other persons around him are also victims of a universal system of loans and debts. With great cinematic originality and good camera work as well as superb direction of actors the film develops a critical image of contemporary Korean society.

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