Monday, May 12, 2008

20th NewFest

From June 5 to 15 this fest will take place in New York City and here are some of the films and docs they will screen

2 Mums and a Dad, directed by Miranda Wills. NYC Premiere. Documentary. A lesbian couple co-parenting with a single gay man run into serious problems.

Affinity, directed by Tom Fywell. NYC Premiere. Narrative. The latest adaptation of the work of acclaimed author Sarah Waters finds a woman falling in love with an imprisoned spiritualist.

Butch Jamie, directed by Michelle Ehlen. NYC Premiere. Narrative. Gender-bender comedy in which a butch actress is cast as a man

Don't Go, directed by Amber Sharp. Narrative. Melrose Place meets The L Word in the smart multi-cultural ensemble drama.

Drifting Flowers, directed by Zero Chou. NYC Premiere. Narrative. The interconnected stories of three Taiwanese women living in different times.

In Sickness and In Health, directed by Pilar Prassas. NYC Premiere. Documentary. A lesbian couple suing for marriage rights find themselves confronting a terminal illness.

This Kiss, directed by Kylie Eddy. NYC Premiere. Narrative. Former high school best friends confront old and new demons when they reunite after ten years.

Love My Life, directed by Koji Kawano. NYC Premiere. Narrative. A romantic comedy in which college student girlfriends face pressures from school, family, and society.

The New World, directed by Etienne Dhaene. NYC Premiere. Narrative. A lesbian couple tries to have a baby in this charming comedy.

Out Late, directed by Beatrice Alda & Jennifer Brooke. NYC Premiere. Documentary. Portraits of people who waited until their 50s, 60s, and even 70s to come out as LGBT.

No End, directed by Roberto Cuzzillo. US Premiere. Narrative. A cancer scare threatens a lesbian couple's plans for motherhood.

Searching 4 Sandeep, directed by Poppy Stockell. NYC Premiere. Documentary. An Australian lesbian begins an online relationship with a closeted British Sikh woman.

The Secrets, directed by Avi Nesher. NYC Premiere. Narrative. In a Jewish women's seminary, two women explore forbidden desires after they help a dying French woman (Fanny Ardant).

Seeds of Summer, directed by Hen Lasker. NYC Premiere. Documentary. A filmmaker returns to where she first fell in love with a woman: combat training in the Israeli army.

Sugar Rush, directed by Sean Grundy. US Premiere. Narrative. 15-year-old Kim has a desperate crush on her sexy and fabulous best friend, Maria Sweet, AKA Sugar.

The World Unseen, directed by Shamim Sarif. NYC Premiere. Narrative. An unexpected love develops between two Indian women against the backdrop of the beginnings of apartheid in 1950s South Africa.

The complete program will be on the fest site next May 16, so check for it here after that date.

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