Friday, December 21, 2007

The Invasion

As I mentioned before I will see any movie with Nicole Kidman and so I did watch this film that honestly while watching I kept asking myself why Kidman did a role like this one and because I really enjoy his serious roles, I also asked why Daniel Craig got involved in a project like this where he plays a not believable and lame doctor.

This contemporary adaptation of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers is really a terrible movie with a mixture of styles that only reflect the unbelievable mess Warner Bros can do with action films starting female leads. Remember the article I posted not long ago? Well, I’ll share this mess with you.

Originally the movie was going to be a remake of the 1956 movie, but the original scriptwriter Dave Kajganich re-wrote the script to make it more contemporary. It was going to be the first English language film for German Oliver Hirschbiegel. Shoot 45 days. The studio didn’t like the end product, so hired the Wachowski Brothers to rewrite the film and assist with additional shooting. Later the studio hired James McTeigue to perform re-shoots.

So you have two (or three) writers and three directors and believe me you can see how so many “cooks” in the kitchen will burn the dishes for sure. Terrible. Worst is that WB decided to release such a bad movie, they should have shelved or burned for what I care. But I know why they released; they wanted to make some money out of this disaster.

The only reason you can have to see this mess is to understand additional background for the post I did back in October “WB says No More Women in Lead Roles” that you can re-check here. Otherwise avoid this movie that is as terrible as the awful poster.

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