Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cannes News – Broken Embraces

Los Abrazos Rotos (Broken Embraces) is screened today and in the official site you can find the press conference, an interview (with Almodovar, Cruz, Portillo, and Homar) and the photocall. The link to the press conference is here (is one hour long because translations) and to your right you will find the other two videos. Be prepared to hear English, French and Spanish… that’s crazy when you understand the three languages (lol!).

If you do not want to watch the press conference the following are some highlights. I just LOVE when Almodovar orders Penelope to answer in Spanish… (he, he), still… she speaks English to tell she has the flu and explains that is the “normal” flu (he, he). You have to hear the “things” that Almodovar says, especially the cunnilingus that he had to do to an actress (yes, that’s the headline of many written news about the film). Almodovar gets the question about the USA TV show I want to hear the answer… Fox is doing the pilot right now… and he goes to NYC soon to prepare the Broadway adaptation, so Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown will also be a musical! The last I do not mind at all! Faces of actors and Almdovar are priceless (very bored) while the translation goes. Then Penelope keeps going back to English and Pedro looks at her…(he, he)… more English from Penelope (makes it easier to watch and advances faster than with translations)… some of us already know how much actors and crew love Almodovar, but it’s special to hear Penelope saying all that she says… Finally a question to another lead actor, Luis Homar … his character has a lot of Pedro own life… hmm! The last minutes with Almodovar are crucial and very informative.

Yeah! I’m convinced that this movie has to be seen several times (more than once for sure) to really catch everything that’s in it… and you need “help” from others, so what’s better than to get “help” from Almodovar and Penelope? I strongly suggest that if you have seen the movie DO NOT miss the press conference. Then if you haven’t I’m not sure if you will get everything that is said about the film…

Gosh!!! You have to also see the short interview… some things that Almodovar says are hilarious… he’s soooo special! Well, you know, I’m a HUGE fan.

Perhaps is my lack of objectivity (not true) but I see more -a lot more- “crazy” photographers in this photocall… Almodovar is just fab! While I watch the photocall, let me share with you that today I read a review that remainds us that the “enfant terrible” is no longer an enfant, as he’s 60-years-old… but he definitively does not look his age. Penelope complains when she’s left alone… sure. You can hear “ciao Penelope Bellissima”. One that doesn’t complain when left alone is none other than Pedro (lol!).

Gee, I really was waiting for all this and can’t complain, as it was absolutely great, entertaining and fun to watch!!!


On other news from Cannes - the market-, tonight distributors will watch (or watched?) a ten minutes clip from New Moon, the second installment in the Twitlight saga... surely (I hope) videos will appear soon! To find if is real or fan made, just check the hair that the werewolf has, now is shorter!

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